St Matthews

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St Matthews Sports & Social Club

St Matthews Road, Burntwood, Staffs. WS7 9EP



Druids Heath G.C.

Drayton Park G.C.

The Shropshire.G.C.

Burton On Trent G.C.

Moor Hall. G. C.

West Midlands. G.C.

Oxley Park G.C.

Forest Pines G. C.

Forest Pines G. C.

Forest Pines G.C.

golfball 5th aug 156 5th aug 165


Gary Dyke,  Dean Megan

R Smith,  P Wilson

C Priddey, C Homer

P Valentine, S Richardson

D Gould, G Awcoate

M Wigley, S McKay

M Prince, C Harper

Wig + Dave Lunn

Wig +

Wig + Stuart


28th March

23th April

25th May

22th June

17th July

7th August

5th September

21st September

22nd September

23rd September

13th October Presentation Night

19th November A.G.M.


1st round to be completed by 10th May


Draw For 2nd Round will be 10th May

2nd Round to be completed by 11th June


Gary Awcoate v Jack Morris

Mark Prince v Robert Hancox

Rich Smith v Cliff Priddey

Bill Rhodes v Bye

John Robinson v Dean Megan

Bye v Phil Valentine

Bye v Nick Jennings

Mark Hurley v Chris Homer